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Week Ending 2nd June 2013

UK News

The week's news was not good for Sussex. The fear that Cuadrilla were to get the go-ahead from EA and DECC to start drilling, compounded by the fact that Cuadrilla's rig had been dismantled and had left the Lancashire Annas Road site, prompted a last-minute attempt to stall the EA's approval. And on Friday Frac Off revealed that a test drilling planning application at Broadford Bridge, near Billingshurst, by Celtique Energie had been granted in February. It would be testing for shale gas and had obviously by avoiding talk of fracking conned both the West Sussex County Council and the local residents and anti-fracking movement.

In Kent, following similar stories from Hampshire and Dorset, the press finally realised that oil and gas exploration licences had been granted and posed a fracking threat to the county. Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphrick couldn't wait for gas bills to come down. He will wait forever. Dorset MPs were keen to express their support for fracking.

Further evidence of a strong IOD push for shale gas was evident at a Preston meeting. And a disregard for regulation apart from a brief aside-
"We want to streamline, simplify, but also to make sure that we don’t miss anything,” said Figueira at the conference ‘Shale Gas – Lancashire’s next industrial revolution?’ organized by the employer group Institute of Directore.

Tim Yeo, chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, raised eyebrows when, speaking to was speaking to an audience of energy industry representatives and diplomats at the Westminster Russia Forum, he expressed the possibility of climate change being due to natural causes.

On the lighter side, the press continued their stories about German brewers' concerns fracking could ruin their beer, a concern taken up by mineral water suppliers.

In the US, there was disappointing news too, as Illinois voted to allow fracking with regulation. And in California a fracking moratorium proposal was defeated.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with hyperlinks to original stories


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Revealed: The EU's great green U-turn on policy that is sending energy bills soaring across the continent The EU is now urging members to begin 'fracking' for cheap natural gas

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‘Deep concern’ voiced over fracking licences

Fracking Invades SE Asia - Indonesia Concludes First Shale Gas Contract

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Could Fracking Trigger a Beer Crisis in Europe?
German Brewers Enter Fracking Fray

Gas Industry Successfully Overturns Colorado Fracking Ban

British Government to Streamline Regulatory Permissions for Exploratory Shale Gas Wells

Dorset MPs line up behind fracking
Hampshire voices raised against fracking
Hampshire LibDems renew calls against fracking


Somerset campaign report

GE enters fracking

Bloomberg: Shale Gas Isn't a Low-Emissions Fuel -- Yet

Polish PM: shale gas regulations almost ready

Romanians take to the streets against fracking

Arkansas quake swarms rattle nerves, raise questions
46 quakes recorded
Monitors installed - better late than never

Must-Read Letters From PA and WI Fracking Victims to Illinois Lawmakers
Letter targets sand mining


Acid jobs as bad as fracking?

India to raise 2013 output of fracking ingredient guar gum -trade

Perth-based Eden Energy announces sale of entire UK portfolio to UK firm Shale Energy PLC

Gas shortage lies exposed

Some in Europe Are Rethinking Opposition to Fracking

Labour in Mid Sussex urges great caution

Christopher Pincher MP: "Exposing the mythical horror stories about shale gas"


UK shale gas - Better in theory than in practice
"The absence of sufficient climate safeguards leaves greens with little choice but to oppose UK shale gas developments"

BBC: Cheap coal 'threatens UK pollution targets'

New Mexico county first to ban fracking, citing water contamination fears
New Mexico county is first in the U.S. to ban fracking

Dems' Anti-Fracking Bills Could Halt Calif. Oil Boom
A Heavyweight Fight Is About To Take Place To Decide Whether Fracking Will Be Allowed In California

BBC: Cheap coal 'threatens UK pollution targets'

Fracking firm gets licence to drill into Kent

It's time to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry

Shale gas extraction not a win-win for UK farmers


Can GE Make Fracking Safer?

Most Americans don’t give a frack about fracking

Why shale gas could be the saviour of Britain’s environmental targets

Yeo iffy on climate change?
Only when he's selling the UK to Russian energy men

Illinois House passes fracking bill
Fracking “Shock Doctrine” Unveiled

Northwest Network against Fracking have launched a postcard and poster campaign

Celtique Energie outed - new fracking threat to Sussex
Magellan Petroleum Corporation's CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders
Woodbarn Farm
Sussex resources

New plans for Fernhurst revealed

Will frackers ruin Hampshire countryside?


Cuadrilla faces the villagers

California - Fracking halt bill dies in Assembly


Francis Egan bats off his opponents.

Investment in green energy falls to seven-year low

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