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Week Ending 3rd August 2014

Your country for sale

UK news highlights

The main stories -

The 14th Round of Licensing opened Monday 28th July.

In a sop to the south, national parks will become effectively frack-free. Meanwhile the unloved desolate north will be fracked to hell, with the government speeding it up for the frackers.

This is not a concession to those against fracking, it is a cynical ploy to retain votes in the Tory heartlands. The government knows full well that the recent British Geological Survey report said there was no shale gas worth bothering about in the south, and that there will be little reward for the frackers from shale oil either.

The summary of potential environmental effects of the government's determination to push fracking down the nation's throat is here. It includes the sad admission that they DO NOT KNOW what the major effects of shale gas production will be on our environment. They ADMIT that shale could worsen climate change. They ADMIT local communities will be adversely affected. This is an insane poilcy, in our view criminally insane.

The more astute will realise in this so-called "environmental effects" of fracking synopsis they have sneaked in as the opening of each section imagined benefits to the economy. Since when have jobs and bribes to local communities been part of the environmental assessment? The government's pro-fracking propaganda is sinking to an all-time low. They KNOW they have lost all the environmental arguments. They KNOW no community wants fracking. Yet they encourage this Ponzi scheme. It is almost unbelievable that a British government should think so little of its homeland's health, anf the intelligence of the electorate.

The Telegraph printed a comment from Robert Gatliff, director of energy and marine geoscience at the British Geological Survey. He warned that Britain will need a thousand of successful shale wells a year to meet demand.

For many moons now we have been saying the figures don't stack up. No way can the dream of economic benefits or energy "security" materialise. It is just not possible, The maths doesn't stack up. Thank goodness at last this idea is gaining some appreciation and support from some "respectable" scientists.

A short while ago we criticised a Durham University report for basing its radiological safety assessment on a count of only 500 wells over a twenty year period. We said this was ludicrous. We were told the report had been peer-reviewed. We gave some figures and asked to speak to these "peers". We never got a reply.

In the same Telegraph article new fracking minister Matthew Hancock failed to name a single village that supports it. No wonder. NOBODY in their right mind wants fracking anywhere near where they live.

Other news


Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

Government seeks bids for fracking licences

Nationals parks such as the New Forest and South Downs protected from fracking, ministers say

Ministers open up vast new areas for fracking but companies already regret going into the South East

The above blog by Geoffrey Lean appears to have been pulled by the Telegraph. Censorship of anti-government views?

Official announcement of opening the 14th Round

Fracking push gets go-ahead across UK as ministers tighten safeguards

Companies wanting to drill for natural gas deep under the UK have been invited to apply for licences under a new planning regime designed to promote fracking.

Fracking: Matthew Hancock fails to name a single village that supports it

Up for shale: the auction that will open half the country to fracking

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