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Latest Digest Week Ending 4th May 2014

Special Report - The Government's False Promises on Shale Gas and Climate Change

UK news highlights

The face of opposition - strong - principled and resolute

More not guilty verdicts, more unconditional bail, while one languishes in jail on remand

The good and bad news from the courts.

Two heroes of the Barton Moss camp were cleared on two different counts of public order offences, bringing more into question the judgement and actions of not only Greater Manchester Police but the Crown Prosecution Service.

Which makes it almost incredible that one veteran of the Barton Moss camp is still languishing in prison. He may even be in custody for a further six months, for supposedly breaking a totally unreasonable police bail condition, the like of which was overturned every time the bail issue went before a court.. This was even more offensive when news came this week that rich boy and media guru to the stars Max Clifford was convicted on eight counts of sexual abuse, and still walked free on bail to enjoy the high life before his sentencing. One really does have to wonder what rule of law we are living under in the UK. For the first time in my life I am feeling ashamed of being English.

Manchester Crown Court 29.4.2014 (text by Peter Yankowski) "Kate McCann was unjustly imprisoned for 6 months today and is classed as a political prisoner, because David Cameron has personally endorsed the fracking agenda.

"No harm to a person, no property damaged and nothing of any value stolen. This was from a trumped up public order charge and infringement of Bail conditions by Kate going back onto Barton Moss Road. The Fracking company had moved out so no protest also Kate resides on Barton Moss Road and went back to help tidy up and collect his things.

"A trivial matter that could have been sorted without a prison sentence. Kate is in Birmingham's Winson Green prison because the police, judicial officials and prison are helping to facilitating the government fracking agenda. Are we going to allow this?"

For more information on this outrageous case read here

At Daneshill two protestors were arrested supposedly for obstructing a road which had already been closed off by the police. Oh dear. When will the police stop wasting public money and court time. The next morning the court released them on unconditional bail.

Balcombe was back in the news, with West Sussex County Council approving Cuadrilla's new application for six months of testing at Lower Stumble. Unsurpring, since the officers' recommendation was to approve, the decision was still a disappointment and a blow to local democracy. We can confidently predict Cuadrilla will not keep to the conditions and cease all works and abandon the well withing the time period.

The first Balcombe resident arrested on section 14 public order act charges, Simon Welsh, whose main "crime" appeared to be singing (!), was another defendant against invented charges found not guilty in court on Thursday.

Dart Energy launched an outrageous attack on the camp at Daneshill with accusations carried by the Internaitonal Business Times and (surprise) the Telegraph, that the protest had turned violent. This seems to have little correlation with reality, but demonstrates the war has just got dirtier.

Back last September Professor Mackay and Dr Stone produced a report assessing potential GHG emissions from shale operations. The government now claims to have adopted all the report's eight recommendations, amid a host of misleading propaganda on how much the government is doing to avert climate change.

It is clear that campaigners will have to work tirelessly to ensure that the standards of the government are adhered to. However it is clear already that the government's promises will turn out to be worthless.

Take one example - The government says that (even at exploration stage) operators should look at Best Available Technique.
On venting - "Operators should initially consider installing an engine to burn the gas and recover the energy. If this is not POSSIBLE then a flare may be used." Two examples show this is nonsense in practice.

At Balcombe this week West Sussex passed an application (previously with waste method approval from the EA) for flaring the gas. No consideration was given as to why energy capture was not used.

At Markham Doncaster gave Regent permission, and a waste plan is under consideration by the EA for exploration and production of coal mine methane. In this case there is no intention of using energy storage EVEN DURING exploration, although an energy plant will be installed for production. NOR is there any intention to flare during exploration and testing. The gas will simply be vented.

If this is the existing situation, the words of the government are MEANINGLESS. It is business as usual for the frackers. fine words. No regulatory teeth. For full details read here

Outside the UK

An ex-Vice President of Mobil says fracking is not safe. "“Making fracking safe is simply not possible, not with the current technology, or with the inadequate regulations being proposed,” Louis Allstadt said.

A senior author of the recent UN IPCC report expressed surprise that the media (notoriously the Telegraph) has chosen to suggest that shale was a good thing in combatting climate change. We all know better, don't we.

Mexico is the next country reportedly plagued by fracking earthquakes.

From Canada comes a new report from a group of academics representing bodies including one analogous with the UK Royal Society,which says fracking has too many unknowns, and has regulation if any based on poor science, to be considered safe.

A report of a spill of radioactive water backed up the point. So did UNESCO stepping in to try and save fracking around the Gros Morne National Park.

German and Austrian authorities joined forces to ban fracking near the Bodensee (Lake Constance) to protect its water, while a US analyst pointed out that it would be left to water utilities to carry the can for water issues caused by fracking.

A US report on the fracking bust caused by dropping gas prices demonstrates that the last thing UK frackers would want is falling prices here.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

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"Nein" zum Fracking am Bodensee - "No" to fracking on Lake Constance


Fitch: Fracking Water Supply Risk Would Fall on US Utilities

Gros Morne oil fracking plan leads UNESCO to seek buffer zone

Teen Shale Network studies effects of fracking on water quality at Black Moshannon State Park

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Anti-fracking protest ' turns violent'

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