Week Ending 5th January 2014

UK news highlights

Are the police acting unlawfully by removing visible proof that they are making violent arrests for obstructing the highway when in fact it is a public footpath?

Barton protestors deterred by arrests? Nah!

Barton Moss

Monday morning. The start to another week. Lorry arrivals were delayed by almost two hours. If they thought the Barton Moss protectors would be put off by foul weather they were wrong.
And if the truck drivers thought their job was done after their deliveries they were wrong, when a lock-on was made to a departing lorry.

An end-of year message from lock-on expert Jamie (alternatively lock-on accident-prone Jamie) showing spirit and courage

"What a couple of days it has been since arriving at Barton Moss. That mischeivious itch grew, and then grew further and out popped a D Lock as I slipped alongside of a lorry!

I was taken to Swinton Police Station after being removed by the "Protestor" removal team having been arrested for Willful obstruction of a highway and criminal damage (damage was the fuel burned by the lorry during the lock on. Despite the driver turning off the engine). I'm now due back at Salford ma...gistrates on the 2nd of January to answer pleas of willful obstruction of a highway and obstruction of a police officer.

This was my longest stay in police custody ever, but I smiled, meditated and nailed my headstands! All in all a beautiful time was had even if the lock on wasn't as long as I hoped. It was all rushed but the best opportunity I had was taken. I smile deeply at the fact I ended 2013 as I mean to go on. Bring on 2014, 2 court cases to face and many more to come.

Three arrests were reported on Thursday, after police were accused of unlawfully attempting to confine protest to two specific areas. This must be a sign of increasing frustration by the police that they have no lawful method of preventing disruption to the deliveries. The IGas trucks have to drive along what is claimed to be a public footpath.

In a curious repeat of the Balcombe experience, green water mysteriously appeared in waterways near the IGas site.

The main rig trucks were said to have completed rig delivery on Friday, after more arrests took place.

Where's Wally? Superglued to the IGas gates of course. Accidents will happen, especially when the truckdrivers are ready to go home.


Other UK News

The Balcombe summer got a photographic retrospective from the Mid Sussex Times.

From the Economist - Despite all the hype that fracking the UK will mean cheaper energy bills, it is increasingly clear that the opposite is the case. And who will pay the cost? Taxpayers, energy users, and the environment ...

In a disturbing start to the new year the Independent reported that the Environment Agency is expected to shed some 1,700 jobs (out of a total workforce of only 11,400). What price the environment now?

AMEC's CEO warned of barriers preventing UK shale being a big success story.

Chichester Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie warns of a conflict of interest caused by the fracking bribe to local communities.


A report from British Columbia reminds us of the danger of excessive water use. And in forested areas sesimic testing requires clearances.

As reports of US public debate, conflict and talk of town and city bans keep coming in, how can the UK point to the US as a shining example of fracking success? It is becoming painfully clear that there have always been problems with US fracking but for a variety of reasons these did not percolate through in timely fashion to the public, the administrations or the environmental regulators. The mounting opposition to US fracking should send a warning shiver down our government's back.

A new scare story comes from Pennsylvania about fracking increasing risk to babies

An AP investigation showed in four US states hundreds of complaints have been made about fracking poisoning water wells and over 100 pollution incidents were confirmed.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

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Despite all the hype that fracking the UK will mean cheaper energy bills, it is increasingly clear that the opposite is the case, writes Lesley Docksey. And who will pay the cost? Taxpayers, energy users, and the environment ...

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