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Week Ending 5th May 2013

Camp Frack 2 almost here

Only a few days to go now before Camp Frack 2, probably the biggest and most important anti-fracking event ever. Details at CampFrack .

UK Government sinking to new depths

New light was shed on the Government's thinking on offering sweeteners to advance fracking came on Monday, in reports by the Telegraph and FT. The information shows how a weak government knows it has lost the argument on fracking, but is determined by hook or crook to overcome public opinion.

The suggestion is that local communities would be offered lower energy bills provided they drop opposition to fracking.

This goes far beyond extending the common section 106 agreements which are used by local authorities to allow dubious planning applications to pass in return for some related community benefit. It goes far beyond "compensating" a local community for any "disturbance it may suffer due to fracking. (The government seems in total denial of health risks, and seems only to refer to matters like construction traffic when talking about community impact.)

If we were not totally opposed to fracking, we could see contributions to the local council exchequer, or even provision of community facilities or new infrastructure, as going not far beyond the current section 106 compansation possibilities. But putting money directly into people's pockets, on the condition that they do not object to fracking proposals, is in a different league. It is tantamount to blackmail. It is designed to set communities against each other. It is an undermining of democracy. It is in opposition to the public's right to object without fear to unwelcome planning applications. It must be fought with every means possible.

Other News

Royal Dutch Shell made the announcement on Friday that they were not interested in diving into investment in UK shale gas. So that's one major player out the window for Cuadrilla, and a dash to the hopes of the British government that their incentive policies would tempt the big boys. Cuadrilla has been reportedly seeking investmant from major oil and gas companies, and speculation mentioned Shell as a possibility.

Towns in New York State opposed to fracking had encouragement from a court ruling. It is an unfortunate comparison with the state of planning law in the UK when local plans and decisions can be overruled by central government, even without the threat of new powers under consideration currently.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with hyperlinks to original stories


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