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Week Ending 6th July 2014

Why Davyhulme needs protectors

UK news highlights

The main stories -

Lancashire campaigners won a battle to persuade both the Environment Agency to extend their consultation deadlines for Cuadrilla's planning applications and permits.

Knowing they have lost the argument with the public, Cuadrilla displayed another sign of their need to resort to bribe and corrupt instead, by sponsoring a Fylde rugby club to the tune of £19,000.

We await news of bailiff eviction from the Davyhulme Community Protection Camp as further legal action continues to seek an appeal hearing. By Tuesday the bailiffs were still holding off their attack.

Meanwhile, questions are emerging from the Davyhulme Camp - occupying an unenviable position near Peel Holdings' other pride and joy an incineration plant. Why are protectors suffering from sore throats, bad chests and skin problems. Why are tankers carrying - according to tanker labels - Uranium hexafluoride, referred to as "hex" in the nuclear industry, a compound used in the uranium enrichment process that produces fuel for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons???

New BGS updates were issued on Midland Valley Scotland's shale potential. The range of total in-place oil resources for the Carboniferous shale is 3.2 - 6.0 - 11.2 billion bbl (421-793-1497 million tonnes) and range of total in-place gas estimate is 49.4 – 80.3 – 134.6 tcf (1.40 – 2.27 – 3.81 tcm).

Taking the middle figures, the oil figure of 6 billion barrels compares with 4.4 in the recent Weald report - a bit more but STILL not enough to justify a new extraction industry.

And for gas, the 80.3 tcf compares with 1329 tcf in the Bowland shale, a tiny fraction which again can not justify any claims of increasing any energy security.

Other news

Boris Johnson curries favour with Tory voters by suggesting landowners should own the mineral rights beneath their land. He must know this is an entirely impractical proposal so his only motive is vote-gathering - for an anti-Cameron coup?


Follow-up reports on the weekend's fire at a fracking pad ask whether a fish kill was down to the accident.

In a landmark ruling a high court has declared New York State towns can ban fracking. More legal problems for frackers in Canada as a new lawsuit is launched.

Published in full now is the latest Ingraffea study - claiming shale gas wells are a lot leakier than conventional gas wells. Since the fracking lobby relies on the history of UK onshore production this is something they will no doubt reject, like all evidence which points to the lack of fracking safety.

Encouraging legal decisions came from from New York State upholding town fracking ban rights.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

British homeowners should get paid for fracking on their land, says Boris

Fish kill in eastern Ohio might be linked to fire at fracking well

Survey to establish Scotland's shale gas and oil reserves

BGS Midland Valley of Scotland Shale reports

Scotland shale gas reserves 'a fraction of those in northern England'

Scotland shale gas stores ‘modest’

Top NY court: Locals can adopt anti-fracking bans

Fracking lawsuit launched in Canada

Study: Shale wells more likely to leak

Lancashire residents win extra time to respond to fracking plans

New York fracking stalled by court ruling

Fracking company makes friends with £19,000 rugby deal

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