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Week Ending 7th April 2013

Main story of the week

In a quiet week after Easter, the main news affecting the UK came from Australia. Dart Energy pulled out of CBM (CSG) production in New South Wales, claiming strong regulation as an insufferable deterrent. They announced they were restructuring their business, which meant a loss of some 70% of their workforce worldwide. As this only amounts to a hundred people, no worldwide disaster there then. But the bad news for the UK is that they are gearing up to target Bowland Shale exploration, in addition to their continuing attempt to expand their Scottish CBM operation.

This must give the UK opposition to unconventional gas a big boost. If Dart cannot operate in their own country, why allow them here? And if genuine strong regulation rather than Tory weakspeak acts as a deterrent and forces speculators to look for easier pickings elsewhere, this seems to enhance the arguments of those who highlight the lack of UK regulation and see that as a useful weapon in the anti-fracking argument armoury.


In the US a new report showed links between earthquakes and fracking activity.
In Rumania people took to the streets against fracking, and Dutch unconventional gas opponents were reported as getting the upper hand. The BBC ran a story on the coming China fracking explosion, and Southern Illinois is now under threat, but more news from the US reported gas leaks, pipeline failures and oil spills.

In Australia a new documentary brought CSG problems to more public attention, and the Greens called for a ban on CSG.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

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