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Week Ending 7th July 2013

UK News

It started off a fairly quiet week for news. The government's bribe scheme, the new BGS estimates and the details of areas now clearly most at risk from fracking percolated through local press reports. Boris Johnson, the Mad Fracker, raised his media profile by talking about fracking under the streets of London.

On Friday Cuadrilla went to the press and on BBC about their new plans for Lancashire, which include 6 fracking applications and 3 further exploration drillings at new sites. When asked on Radio Lancashire why Cuadrilla stopped work at Annas Road Francis Egan said it was so they wouldn't disturb wintering birds. This is a disgraceful misleading excuse for the company's incompetence. The Annas Road well was shut down because of casing failure and further technical incompetence. At Banks Cuadrilla gaily carried on drilling into the winter of 2011 and exceeded by two months their planning consent which expressly required them to stop before the wintering season. Egan may be convincing to some, but he does not tell the truth. This is one more example of why this company in particular can not be trusted.

Campaigner Tina Rothery of RAFFwas quick to nail this particular lie with a robust response on Radio Lancs, along with telling comments on many other aspects of Cuadrilla's deceptions, particularly the "lower gas prices" lie.

Cuadrilla's press releases continued to use Elswick as a comparison site, and state that they use "proven safe" technology in blatant defiance of an Advertising Standards Authority ruling.

From Scotland, news that the European MD of troubled unconventional drillers Dart had resigned. This followed continuing opposition to its CBM development application, and the revelation of its plans for flaring huge amounts of methane.


From Holland came news that Rabobank, a leading bank combine specialising in agricultural investment, would not entertain loans to fracking companies nor landowners who leased their land for fracking. In Groningen, another earthquake of magnitude hit the town, the cause being put down to natural gas drilling - and they're not even fracking. The quake damaged houses. In France, newly-fired Environment Minister Delphine Batho said her support for a ban on shale drilling and reducing dependence on nuclear power cost her her job. A northern Spain ban has stymied fracking plans.

In the US further details emerged of how the EIA is backing away from producing any reports critical of shale gas.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with hyperlinks to original stories


Telegraph: Forget a quick shale gas revolution here– we don't have the technology

Shale gas is the answer to our ever-growing energy demands

Bloomberg:Fracking London Stockbroker-Belt Looms as U.K. Hunts Oil: Energy

Dutch Rabobank will not finance shale gas extraction

Ohio concerns about imported waste continue

Greed hits the Fylde


Mad, bad Boris wants to dig up the streets paved with gold for shale gas

FoE response to disgraceful Mail on Sunday article - we must be doing domething good!


Keith Taylor MEPcalls on residents to say no to fracking
But he's up against a madcap Hampshire press

Another Raabid Tory on the pro-fracking rampage. Since when have FoE been a vested interest?

Some sense on fracktivism from SA. Tories take note.

Fear spreads on threat of fracking to property values

Meet the frackers: the big money men pushing for fracking in the capital

Josh Fox's Gasland II to expose power politics of fracking

EPA’s abandoned Wyoming fracking study one retreat of many


Shale gas "a decade away"

Could gas ‘fracking’ come to Scarboro’

Oxford gets the willies

Cameron lies his heart away praising Kent windfarm

Fervent foes devote lives to fracking fight

Shale Backers Sought Scalp, Fired French Energy Minister Says

Another Tory waste of space MP: Can we afford to ignore shale gas?


Storage and treatment of liquid drilling wastes, air emissions of methane, water withdrawals for drilling, and site construction are among the biggest problems facing shale gas drilling.

Fracking could result in 'Welsh resources being exploited for English profits'

Cuadrilla to apply for more Lancashire fracking sites
LEP report
Manchester Evening News

Jobs hope in Rossendale

Derby now realises the potential attack

Fracking opposition stepped up in New England

Canada: Shale gas tensions flare with another - reporter - arrest in Kent County

Fracking set to resume in Lancashire in bid to prove shale gas industry is commercially viable


Forget Shale Drilling -- This Will Drive the Future of Oil

Aboriginal anti-shale gas advocate jailed

Earthquakes from onshore gas drilling threaten a disaster, warn residents of Dutch city

Goole joins the fear - moots shale gas in Selby area

Repsol Delays First Shale-Gas Project in Spain After Frack Ban


Dart's European boss resigns

Observer: Will fracking in Lancashire's green hills solve Britain's energy crisis? More Cuadrilla lies.

Will fracking in Lancashire's green hills solve Britain's energy crisis? More Cuadrilla lies.

Al Jazheera sceptical on "The UK's fracking dilemma"

Derby Telegraph: Controversial shale gas drilling set for county

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