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Week Ending 9th June 2013

UK News

The week started with not news but a deluge of press releases from IGas. In attempt to attract investment in their company they gave out a press release full of misleading statements and outright lies. Their main claim was to have found greater gas in place in their north-west England PEDL area than previous estimates had suggested. Their new estimates had little credibility because of their wide fluctuation. Worse were ther claims which disregarded the realiity of gas in place against recoverable reseves.

The press went wild, having little else to do. The BBC was particularly culpable in accepting the IGas press release with no critical analysis. More surprisingly, the same applied to the Guardian. Coverage included incredible claims that betweem 10 and 30% of the gas in place could be recovered. The Mail put this down to analysts at Jefferies International, but that may have been the Mail getting mixed up - Jeffereies elsewhere wer reported as warning about taking the estimates seriously. More reliable source put the recovery factor range estimate down to Cuadrilla's ex boss Mark Miller. In fact current Cuadrilla boss Egan told the BBC in February he was hoping for only around 10%.

Meanwhile Ed Davey had a brainstorm and put out a news release accusing the press of disgraceful behaviour in producing articles which reported claims of climate change deniers. A shameful attack suggesting hardline censorship of the press. And one which to my mind signalled his bad judgment and humiliation kowtowing to Osborne, and the predictable hypocisy of his party in Tuesday's vote on the Energy Bill.

This duly came to pass. The LibDem leadership showed they have no scruples. Their claims to having any environmental principles are shattered. All they have shown is a shortsighted lust for temporary semblance of power.

On Tuesday Davey was anxious as ever to shore up his environmental credentials, whilst voting and leading his party in the opposite direction, by encouraging the EU to beef up 2030 carbon reduction targets. He himself would support a UK move in that direction in 2016. By 2016 he will be out of office so that was easy for him to promise.

Blackpool Evening Gazette published an article relaying David Cameron's declaration he wouldn't let regulation stop fracking. This account of what Cameron said is interesting in that he ADMITS that existing regulation is NOT designed for fracking. Which is what many have been saying for a long time, it is designed for coal mining or offshore exploitation. Cameron's solution is to cut out all the irrelevant stuff. This clearly leaves very little or NO regulation on the books at all for fracking. We would take the opposite view in this situation, that it means no fracking should be performed if there are no appropriate regulations introduced. That clearly won't happen. So we say NO fracking at all.

No doubt the local Fylde and West Lancashire people will be asking their MP Mark Menzies what he thinks about this.

In Scotland Dart appealed to the Scottish government to decide their planning applications for Falkirk/Stirling on grounds of non-determination.

Ed Davey showed us more perfidy when he announced local authorities would be able to override national energy need and block windfarms. The sop to providing local communities with financial incentives is a cheap ploy to show balance. The message is clear. Wind farms no. Fracking yes. Wind farms are not in the national interest.

Meanwhile, reports continue to come in expressing concerns worldwide aboute the effects of climate change.

This week Celtique, having used rather questionable tactics to secure a test drilling planning permision near Billingshurst in Sussex, put on a public exhibition of their similar plans for Fernhurst. This time, perhaps encouraged by the fact the Billinshurst permission will act as a precendent, they are a little more open about their scheme.

In other areas of England, from Wigan and St Helens to Kent and Hampshire via Lincolnshire, the local press continued latching on to the fact that their area might now be under threat.

On Thursday the No Dash For Gas were sentenced for their occupation of EDF's West Burton power plant last October. Fears that some might receive prison sentences were not met. Some received conditional discharges and others community orders, with the district judge commending their conscientious motives.

Centrica were reported to be close to doing a deal to buy into Cuadrilla.This produced a rash of press reports and the suggestion this was a major boost for fracking in the UK, the entry of a major player. The suggestion was that Centrica were interested in the Bowland Shale "play", so it remained uncertain where that left Cuadrilla's interest in Sussex and the Weald. Centrica were also reported to be seeking partners for a bid for Irish Bord Gais.

At the end of the week Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for South East England, raised his Sussex constituents' concerns about Balcombe fracking with the EA. Keith will, I am sure, fight fracking because he knows it's against his constituents' interests and the environment's. A pity there aren't more like him, especially in the North West.

At least there was some good news from the US as New York State extends its moritorium on fracking until 2015. This prompts the question. If in the US - the home of fracking and the basis for all the industry claims that fracking is safe - they are so unsure about fracking why on earth should the UK be forced into it against our will by an uncaring government without any due safeguards?

A Sunday Times scam put Tim Yeo in the frame for sleaze. The Daily Mail added a feeble hypocrisy charge, but if the Sunday Times allegations are true, so a Tory blogger pronounced, yeo should lose not only his job as chair of the energy and climate change committee but as an MP. Yeo, who has played both sides on shale gas and climate change, would be no loss.

From Illinois campaigner Sandra Steingraber issued a fracking manifesto in response to the state giving the go-ahead to fracking. She denounced the supposedly protective regulations and called for a worldwide ban.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

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