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Week Ending 10th August 2014

Special report - Rural Impact of Shale - DEFRA

Special Report - Injection Wells Coming For Shale?

Special Report - Councillor Threlfall must GO.

Special Report - Councillor Fiddler must GO.

5,000 and growing - Photo Ian Robinson LEP

Fylde Protectors

UK news highlights

The main stories -

The main news of the week came from the Fylde, now the centre of shale gas fracking attention. Or as others might have it, the new front line where the major battles of the war will be fought.

A bundle of objections to Cuadrilla's planning applications was handed in to Lancashire County Council, some 5,000 signatures strong. These add to the around 8,000 objections collected by Friends of teh Earthg, and another 2,000 received directly by LCC. Many more objections are expected in the coming weeks.

On the same day that the petitions were handed over, a dawn move by grandmas and mums showed just how pathetic Cuadrilla's security at Preston New Road is. (A man, a rabbit hutch of a tent and a portaloo). Around 25 people set up camp. The duration of the camp is not yet known, but is in advance of the arrival somewhere in the area of next week's No Dash For Gas Reclaim the Power camp.

We missed out of last week's another significant event - a council meeting of Fylde Borough Council which exposed not only the fact that councillors newly discolsed interests in fracking - ie they'd been paid by Cuadrilla - but that they are totally careless when it comes to local democracy and council rules. Read counterbalance's page "Another Shambles" for a report of the meeting.

Counterbalance is now proving an invaluable and relatively unbiased source for information on the political mood in the Fylde, especially regarding fracking. This week it also carrioed a report on the public meeting at the Blackpool Hilton to discuss the purpose and practicalities of the Reclaim the Power training camp from 14th-20th of August.

Other news

Under the title "Fracking fears for the North York Moors after oil company gains permission to drill for gas in the national park" the Independent reported that Viking = Third Energy had achieved an Environmental Permit for disposal of returned radioactive water down an injection well. See the special report link above for our comments on this disturbing news.

Caroline Lucas and others expressed concern about a report on the impact of fracking on rural economies. The released draft version (which has been long-awaited) is so heavily redacted - read censored - that it is almost unintelligible. Howevere the message is clear. The impact is adverse.

The report is available here.


Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories


Thousands of objections to fracking

Lancashire Grandmas and Mums Occupy Proposed Fracking Field

Fracking fears for the North York Moors after oil company gains permission to drill for gas in the national park

Fracking campaigners criticise 'censored' report on house prices

Fernhurst group stand by anti-fracking scientist

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