Week Ending 10th November 2013

UK news highlights

A quiet week? Seems so so far. The news that Cuadrilla has signed a new 30 year lease at Balcombe made the press. Local campaigners were understandably disgusted. The view was expressed that no way could the operation be viable without fracking, whatever Cuadrilla have claimed to-date.

Also reported was the evidence session in front of the Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs from US pro-fracking professor Robert Muller, who described in glowing detail new advances which meant fracking was safe and would be super-productive in the UK. Perhaps he doesn't know that the "new" technology to replace fracking - nitrogen foam - is an old practice which (according to Prof Styles of Keele) was used to stimulate (not frack) Elswick in the Fylde in 1993.

Cuadrilla were due to take the stand on Tuesday. It is hard to believe that their evidence will be lapped up by a committee which has shown itself heavily packed with pro-frackers, and has been downright rude to FoE/Greenpeace/WWF giving evidence on environmental and climate change issues.
I can predict the outcome of the committee's final report now!

Good news from East Kent. Coastal Oil and Gas withdrew 3 test drilling applications. This is a victory - even if temporary - for the opponents of these plans and shows once again the frackers are incompetent. If they are unable to submit a planning application that is valid and acceptable how can they expect us to trust them with their drilling and fracking?

Minister Michael Fallon declared war when he told counties across the south to prepare for fracking. he also pledged to block wind farms. So it's battle stations for Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.


Voters in three out of four Colorado cities chose a moratorium on fracking. In Oklahoma a scientist wants to test if fracking causes earthquakes. Stupid question, he just needs to ask the residents of the Fylde, the BGS and DECC. Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner advised people to take out earthquake insurance.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

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