Week Ending 13th October 2013

UK news highlights

Chancellor Osborne, clearly now aware that shale gas will not in itself lower gas bills, promised to use tax revenue from fracking to bring down bills. This seems an act of desperation, with Osborne losing the battle against shale opposition and the Labour Party opposition.

Business Green raked up a European poll showed a majority against fracking, when another new UK poll showed a majority in favour as long as there was no fracking near them.

Dart Energy claim they have no plans for Fife fracking after "disappointing" CBM well tests. Meanwhile the Duke of Buccleuch Estates plan to drill for gas in the village on Canonbie was declared an act of environmental vandalism hurting those living in the area. Frack Off warned that Windsor misght soon be in the firing line.

Hampshire County Council objected to government plans to deprive landowners of the right to know about plans to drill under their land.

On a vist to the NE, Lord Howell repeated his call for the north to be fracked.

West Sussex County Council held themselves up to ridicule by pursuing in the High Court their possession order on the Balcombe grass verges.

Bloomberg revealed UK water companies will offer water to frackers at rates far lower than to domestic consumers.

CarloineLucas had her court appearance put back another week.

Tears at the telegraph as Geoffrey Lean says the protesters are winning the battle against fracking.


European politicians recognised the specific environmental, health and social impacts of fracking on Wednesday, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. The vote went mostly in the favour of the anti-frackers, although an amendment to require mandatory EIA for exploration, as opposed to fracking, was not accepted.

In France the ban of fracking was upheld in the constitutional council, whilst frackers pledged to sue for compensation.

The boss of Royal Dutch Shell described the company's fracking and unconventionals failures, and a senior EU official said that frackers must face tight control over methane releases.

An American professor floated again the idea of pumping CO2 into disused fracked wells. He has no clue, obviously, about the geological consequences, nor of the logistics of transporting waste CO2 to fracking sites.

Confusion and misinformation reign as the FT reported new opportunities in shale for majors like BP and Royal Shell, whilst the industry review oilprice.com reported oil majors struggle to turn a profit.

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Alan Tootill

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European vote recognises fracking risks

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