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Week Ending 14th July 2013

UK News

A fairly quiet week for real news in the UK. The Sun went on the pro-fracking rampage, then hid the results when its internet poll showed a majority against fracking. Cimate sceptic Lord Lawson showed signs of mania or senility in a pro-fracking outburst, and Ed Davey declared the government should mount a publicity offensive against the anti-frackers to dispel the "myths" about fracking. Mark Menzies proved himself weak and unhelpful to his Lancashire constituents in parliament.


The European Parliament Environment Committee voted yes on the introduction of mandatory Environmental Impact Assessments for shale gas projects.
Concerns were raised about India's ability to frack because of water constraints, and out there in the real world of fracking reports came in of another fracking-related accident, and the adverse social effects of fracking in Ohio. Concerns were raised about radioactivity and, separately, new research suggested the potential for fracking to leave fault lines vulnerable to major earthquakes.
The French PM said their would be no U-turn on fracking, and President Hollande said there would be no fracking during his presidencey. In New York over 200,000 responses were received to fracking consultation, but what's happened to them?

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with hyperlinks to original stories


Boris on the rampage: Mayor of London could make fracking decision by 2014

Fylde MP Menzies proves himself ineffectual in Parliament
Written answer 1
Written answer 2
Refracktion comment


Explosion Rocks Natural Gas Drilling Well in Marcellus Shale, Workers Seriously Injured

Shale boom creating shortage of affordable housing in eastern Ohio

Refracktion blows has-been Lawson's senilities out of the water


Refracktion blows has-been Lawson's senilities out of the water

Sun: Blackpool can look forward to a new wave of debauchery

Water worry dampener on India's shale gas hopes

“I love shale gas” – Davey confirms again

New climate change report trailed


Uranium, radon and NORM from shale

Fracking water injection could trigger major earthquake, say scientists
Fracking may leave fault lines vulnerable to earthquakes

Bath & NE Somerset: Council United In Opposition To Fracking

Childers welcomes mandatory impact assessments for fracking


Planning: Fracking fracas

Anger at Brussels ‘attacking fracking’

UK shale gas not fast, cheap solution to electricity shortfall – OIES

Mail wakes up to quakes


French PM Says No U-Turn On Shale as Scheupbach Sues

Fate of 200,000 fracking comments unclear

Indian Express: Study raises new concern about earthquakes and fracking fluids

Putting People over Profits: The Fight Against Fracking

Alkane looking for fracking partners for UK


Independent: Revealed: Fracking industry bosses at heart of coalition - rogues gallery

Coming next week: Govt to announce tax breaks, slash planning restrictions and then run for the summer holidays.

Nuclear deal uses fracking as lever, puts the lie to the transition fuel argument

INEOS considering move into shale gas
Ineos: Grangemouth looks to import US shale gas to safeguard refinery jobs

Poll to reveal North Carolina against fracking. Regulation does more harm than good

Hollande rules out shale gas exploration

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