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Week Ending 16th June 2013

UK News

On Monday reports came in of the arrival of Cuadrilla's rig at Balcombe. Protestors planned to set up a Rigwatch. Drilling started on Tueday, with opponents questioning whether this was a water monitoring borehole, the test well, and in either case whether Cuadrilla had been granted the necessary permits by DECC. It appeared after an EA inspection that it was a monitoring borehole which did not require EA authorisation.

Also in Sussex, Celtique, having been outed by Frack Off, admit they are interested in shale gas at Wisborough and Fernhurst, and we assume, Broadford Bridge.

Tim Yeo's head rolled - temporarily at least - as he stood down as chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Committee. Mixed news as his replacement by an avid pro-fracker such as Dan Byles would be a disaster. We can only hope Peter Lilley is out of the running! Yeo's temporary replacement Robert Smith was instantly accused of having oil interests.

Details of the Centrica deal emerged on Thursday. Centrica has bought into a 25% stake in Cuadrilla's Bowland Shale operation. They will be able to set exploration costs against their other (offshore) profits, meaning the UK taxpayer is now and for the next ten years subsidising shale gas exploration. Cuadrilla's Egan conned the press into thinking he was going to bring gas bills down, and his figures hid the fact that Cuadrilla are now planning more wells than before, and with a bigger pad size.

US "experts" estimated the UK's reserves as producing ten years of gas. Surprising that they know more than the British Geological Survey. Maybe ;-) A crumb of comfort comes from the fact that ten years is very different from decades" or centuries we have been hearing in the absurd claims of some industry supporters.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

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