Week Ending 17th November 2013

Shale oil coming in the south.

The best pope ever?

UK news highlights

If the frackers thought cold weather and the Balcombe south/north divide would split and fragment opposition they were wrong. The Barton Moss protection camp is now established. The frackers must get used to the fact that they will be opposed everywhere, and they must spend more and more money building fences. And local authorities must get used to the idea that their police forces will need extensive budget uplift, if they continue to support frackers rather than the people. Local authorities must also be prepared for an articulate argument, well-versed in knowledge, to oppose them at a different level.

Hampshire Council - a lost cause?

West Sussex County Council succeeded in their High Court action to be granted clearing of the verges outside Cuadrilla's Balcombe drilling site.
They are now debating how to move the remaining Balcombe protectors, claiming safety on an unlit 60mph road as the reason for the action. That limit will have to come down pdq if Cuadrilla start testing, or, heaven forbid, production, so why not install traffic lights, a few road humps and lower the speed limit now? I'm sure Cuadrilla would be delighted to pay, as a local community contribution.

At the weekend tents were pitched outside the council offices in Chichester. If WSCC thought it was the end of the protest camp in Sussesx they were mistaken.

Water UK was flagged to issue a new report saying our water companies were happy fracking could be done safely.

Frack Free Sussex announced they are employing transport consultants to advise on the traffic impact of Celtique application.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies revealed himself as evasive and deceptive, when in ducking questions and claiming credit for Cuadrilla's drilling at Anna's Road he showed himself as caring more for his own reputation than the concerns of his constituents. He should face a serious challenge at the next election.

News came of another retreat! The planning application at Biscathorpe in Lincolnshire was withdrawn. Withdrawn applications now at Balcombe,3 in East Kent, now Biscathorpe. Great news, but let's not kid ourselves. We have to be ready for the when they come back.

The Independent reported new plans by the government to attack rights of peaceful protest, with a proposed act to allow councils to ban activities they regarded as anti-social.

With budget and staff cuts at the Environment Agency, coming after a slashing of the Health and Safety Executive, what price regulation and enforcement?

Away from home, and his Tory vocal climate change deniers, David Cameron appeared to back climate change science. Will he have the guts to do that back in the UK?


France's national geological and environment agencies published a joint study outlining significant risks of coalbed gas exploration even without fracking.

Pope Francis seemingly continued an environmental crusade by being pictured holding an anti-fracking T-shirt. Another carried the slogan "Water is worth more than gold". He reportedly told a visiting Argentinian group he is preparing an encyclical — a letter addressing a part of Catholic doctrine — about nature, humans, and environmental pollution.

The Philippines delegate at the UN Climate Change talks that began on Monday blamed Typhoon Haiyan on climate change, and urged sceptics to 'get off their ivory towers.

Twenty top US climate change scientists urged California to ban oil fracking.

An International Energy Agency report warned that shale oil would have only a temporary effect on the US need to import oil.

A new report outlined advances in re-use of waste fracking water.

Oil majors are pulling out of fracking Eastern Europe and cite reasons including fical, legal and regulatory burdens. In the UK we can not change the fiscal gifts offered by the government to the industry, but we could keep fracking out of the UK if we have a relentless campaign on regulation as well as of legal protest.

The recently revealed offshore Californian fracking is now whown to be polluting the sea with toxic waste.

Shale oil will not will not significantly boost oil production or bring down prices in the long term, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). This should be a warning to politicians not to encourage speculative companies hoping to exploit the Weald.

In Colorado the final count confirmed a vote against fracking in Broomfield. This is an anti-fracking result in all four cities which were given the chance to vote for a moratorium.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

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