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Week Ending 19th May 2013

UK News

UK news included the revelation that Cuadrilla, despite their talk about willingness to acces regulation, have in fact been opposing it. But the main news of the week was that energy minister Michael Fallon told MPs at the first meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Unconventional Gas and Oil that the government is rolling out the red carpet to frackers. regulation was nopw rebust, and therte was nothiong to stop the holders of over 300 licences for submitting applications. One wonders what has changed. Apart from a nod to help prevent earthquakes, what regulation has changed? The only promise the government has made regarding regulation is to amend it to smooth the way for frackers.

Relevant to forward planning by the anti-fracking campaign was the announcement that the 14th round of applications for new licences will happen in 2014. If anything this is in fact a further delay.

The Institute of Directors trailed a new report from them next week on the economic benefits of fracking. How they can provide a new report when the BGS has not even produced a new guestimate for gas in place, and the frackers are complaining about delays in testing to assess how much of the gas can be extracted is extremely questionable, and unless the IOD comes up with some new sound figures on gas reserves - an impossible job - their new report will no doubt be hype and optimistic guesswork.

Cuadrilla built on their argument that their plans to drill stacked horizontals and multi-lateral horizontal wells would reduce the effect onn the local environment In the Fylde a new group - Defend Lytham - has emerged on the anti-fracking scene. In fact the group is one which had considerable support and success in the past and has been lying dormant. I hope they can add substantially to the work being done by other groups locally. In Balcombe a new group of local people No Fracking in Balcombe has emerged to counter Cuadrilla's threat to drill and adic-frack there for shale gas and oil. Shale oil has emerged as a potentially more damaging and longer term technology than shale gas in the US, and companies are starting to look at the UK potential.

The IoD reported IGas were keen to get ahead fracking Irlam, near Manchester, and in Wales oddball Algy Cluff promised Wales he qould go ahead on UCG projects.


The argument about Obama's new rules for fracking federal land rumbled on, and the administration has now, it seems, cleared the way for further exports of American gas. India is keen on the prospect. The new US Energy Secretary, a pro-fracker, has raised concern.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

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