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Latest Digest Week Ending 27th July 2014

UK news highlights

The main stories -

After a not guilty verdict for lock-on protestors a week ago the bad news was that another trio was found guilty this week at Manchester magistrates court after a two-day trial. BUT the good news was Unconditional disharge and NO costs!

Crawberry Hill protectors queried the unnecessary strength of the police presence.

WSCC looked poised to refuse Celtique's plan to frack a national park, and accuse the company over misleadingly low traffic and noise projections.

Blackpool Gazette printed an article on Cuadrilla's occupation of land at Preston New Road and Roseacre but ignored claims that their squatting is unlawful and has no planning permission. Over to the police and Fylde Borough Council! Let's see if the police take action against the Cuadrilla's squatter camps. I am not holding my breath.

The Gazette reverted to form dismissing the fact that over 6,000 Lancs people have signed saying no to fracking as merely a "claim". Despite the rubbish headline they did go on to say that apart from the Greenpeace signatures local campaigners had collected some 3,500 letters of objection to Cuadrilla's planning application, 2,000 people had already objected directly to Lancashire County Council, and that over 4,000 people had similarly signed objection via Friends of the Earth's website. Naturally we expect some duplication, but the numbers are growing to the point where they can NOT be ignored.

There is at least another month for objections to the Environmental Agency permits, and two months for objections via Fylde Borough Council or Lancashire County Council.

The main political news of teh week was a major cabinet reshuffle. Those campaigners who welcomed the news that cliamte change scetip badger-culling Owen Paterson was removed from his job. The bad news is that the new environment and energy ministers, Matthew Hancock and Liz Truss have a record of anti-renewable energy and pro-fracking.

Other news


The cluster of earthquakes in Oklahoma over the weekend prompted even the Daily Mail to raise the question of how related they were to fracking. Oklahoma has now taken over from Califorinia as the US earthquake capital state.

Industry court challenges to New York's fracking moratorium fell on stony ground.

Complaints mounted against Pennsylvania's lack of official enquiry into health complaints.

Beavers stemmed the flow from another US pollution incident.

A Texas town could be the first in the state to ban fracking.

An Exxon subsidiary is fighting criminal charges over fracking wastewater spills.

News emerged that California has taken emergency action to stop fracking waste injection amid fears of aquifer pollution.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

Is fracking the reason why Oklahoma now has more earthquakes a year than CALIFORNIA?

Court dismisses challenges to NY's lengthy fracking review

Court dismisses challenges to NY's lengthy fracking review

Environmental organizations call for investigation into Pennsylvania Department of Health actions around fracking complaints

Huge ND Wastewater Spill Prompts Calls For Fracking Regs

Huge ND Wastewater Spill Prompts Calls For Fracking Regs

Texas town moves one step closer to fracking ban

Fracking firm ‘underplayed’ heavy lorries needed for Sussex drilling

As Fracking Expands, So Does Opposition – Even In Texas

An Exxon Mobil Corp. subsidiary is being blamed for a wastewater spill in Pennsylvania.

Police defend patrols of anti-fracking sites amid protesters' complaints

Celtique Energie wants test drill for shale gas at Northup Copse, near Wisborough

Activists’ 6,000 name claim

CA halts injection of fracking waste, warning it may be contaminating aquifers

UK's new energy and environment ministers opposed green energy

Greenpeace lead anti-fracking protest outside Lancashire County Council Hall

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