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Week Ending 21st April 2013

Promised Land opens to indifferent reviews.

Promised Land reached UK cinemas. Press reviews of the film were lukewarm and several references were made to its inferiority to the British 1983 Film Local Hero, which handled similar matter better, and without the Hollywood sentimentality..

The week kicked off in the UK with a report by Estate Agent Today that a new report from Legal and General surveyors said fracking could hit house prices. Theis report appears to have had little national coverage. Otherwise there was little news except for Cuadrilla's promotion machine. They had somehow, against all belief, secured a safety award from RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. They also confirmed they would reveal new fracking target sites later this year.

Welsh anti-frackers took their protest to Senedd.

In Ireland, Pat Rabbitte, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, gave a speech to the Royal Irish Academy that he was committed to fracking and only wanted scientific approval from new studies before giving the go-ahead.

The Guardian published a clutch of reports on climate change, including a statement from the International Energy Agency that the development of low-carbon energy is progressing too slowly to limit global warming.

However, the main climate change news from the EU came on Wednesday after MEPs voted to scupper a key proposal to reform the carbon trading market.

In the US, three protestors against fracking were jailed after they refused to pay fines for blocking an access road to a gas storage works site.
More protests agains tar sands and fracking followed a damaging oil spill.
A reminder that fracking was fuelling the proposed growth of chemical plants followed a killer Texas fertiliser factory blast.

Frack Off exposed Baroness Hogg's Australian company as having a woeful record on CBM well leaks.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with hyperlinks to original stories


New Legal & General Surveying Service raises fears of house price drops in fracked areas

South African fracktivist receives a top US environmental prize

More coverage of the Dart leak, but no new news

Fears for fracking on US federal land


Cuadrilla vow to frack more sites

Wales protest outside Senedd

California bill would target fracking industry's water use

Joke of the Week - Cuadrilla awarded a safety prize!


MEPs reject key reform of emissions trading scheme

Dutch energy minister and beer makers against fracking!

Lies, damn lies and US professors
Cut worldwide emission? Pull the other one

SA ‘not likely to issue shale gas permits this year’

Poland in for fracking from San Leon Energy and Halliburton

Shale gas without fracking?

Rabbitte wants to frack but find scientific scapegoats for when things go wrong

Cut down on the greed of the power companies to bring bills down.

Bad news all round on climate change
Australia urged to recognise climate change refugee status
British children 'deeply concerned' about the impact of climate change
Clean energy progress too slow to limit global warming, warns IEA
Antarctic melting at record rate
MEPs reject emissions trading

Jeremy Grantham Guardian interview
The full transcript 1
The full transcript 2

How US renewables outshine fracking

Fracking to reduce Irish energy costs


Three fracking protestors jailed
They explain their action

"Why Europe needs shale gas" - Pro-frackers on the march

Why Europe doesn't need shale gas


Debate on climate change continues
Irrational outbursts against "greens"
Stubbed Toe? Blame Global Warming
Stubbed Toe? Blame Global Warming or Fracking
Guardian to the rescue
Fossil fuels and vested interests: a society in denial
Countries most exposed to the carbon bubble - map

Gummer thinks southern nimbies will mobilise against fracking plans

Gazprom "no plans" for Russian shale in next 5 to 10 years


BBC reports Lancashire election candidates asked to oppose fracking

Fracking drives potentially explosive demand for potentially explosive ammonia factories

Protestors gather at site of Kalamazoo River oil spill in opposition of tar sands oil, fracking


44 percent of wells leaking at uk treasury director’s gasfield: australian government

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