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Week Ending 22nd June 2014

Frack Free Lancashire launches in Blackpool 21st June

Saturday's event outside Winter Gardens, Blackpool 10am-4pm:
Lancashire Campaign Groups Unite Against Fracking.

On Saturday 21st June between 10am and 4pm, in St John’s Square Blackpool, Residents Action on Fylde Fracking along with fourteen Fylde, Wyre and Preston campaign groups will unite to launch the Frack Free Lancashire campaign. The campaign will give Lancashire residents the opportunity to oppose Cuadrilla's new planning applications, whilst also raising awareness to the dangers that shale gas development poses to communities. This is the real public consultation that will reach out to the wider community and let the public know that their voice counts. Following the launch each campaign group will be regularly setting up a stall in their town centre to give the public details of how to object to Cuadrilla’s new planning applications at Preston New Road and Roseacre.

Shale gas development poses a significant threat to the Lancashire environment and wildlife as well as the health and safety of local communities. Lancashire residents have the right to say no to shale gas development in their community. It has become apparent that many people do not know how to make an objection, especially those who do not have access to the internet. It is the goal of the Frack Free Lancashire campaign to allow residents to get involved, have their say and make their voice heard.

RAFF - Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
Ribble Estuary Against Fracking REAF
Frack Free Fylde
Roseacre Awareness Group - RAG
Preston New Road Action Group
Frack Free Freck
Defend Lytham
Fleetwood Folk Say NO Fracking (FFS NO Fracking)
Thornton Unites against Fylde Fracking - TUFF
Frack Free Blackpool
GAF - Garstang Against Fracking
Longridge Against Fracking
Inskip Against Fracking
Preston Frackoff

Over 1000 objections to Cuadrilla's plans gathered at FFL launch

Crawberry Hill Occupied!

UK news highlights

The main stories -

Residents near the proposed fracking site at Preston New Road Blackpool are mobilising. 10 families were said to live within 230 metres of the drilling site. How does this compare with US standards? North Carolina’s safety distance from homes is 650 feet, but this is not the longest in the country. New York requires a safety buffer of 2,000 feet, Dallas requires 1,500 feet, and Pennsylvania and Colorado both adopted 1,000 feet for buildings or water sources. However some states grant waivers to their setbacks, and some don’t have setback rules at all. All these distances are based on - as yet - flimsy health evidence. But this is changing. Recent US health studies suggest a high health risk for people living within a mile of a fracking site. If Cameron wants to show us in the UK we have tough regulation second to none he should step in and kill the PNR plan.

Over 1000 objections to Cuadrilla's plans were signed at the official launch of Frack Free Lancashire at Blackpool.

More prosecution cases collapsed against protectors of Barton Moss - 29 cases were discontinued on Monday, after leaving those accused waiting five or six months for a court appearance. Lawyer for many of them, Simon Pooks of lazars, made it clear he believed the Greater manchester Police had deliberately acted with unlawful authority for months.

Protectors not content with the accusations left dangling pressed for a not guilty verdict in court. On Wednesday in Liverpool High Court a judicial review allowed expert evidence, denied by a Manchester magistrate,on IGas pollution to be brought into court.

The Daily Mail reported the uncovering of covert police surveillance of social media. The police stand accused not only of spying on fracking protestors, but of an attempted cover-up of the operation.

Other news -

The Welsh Affairs Committee published its report into fracking Wales. The report declared shale gas an opportunity for Wales but expressed some caution, although traffic and noise were the main concerns grabbing the headlines.

The union Unison put forward plans for energy reduction to avoid the need for fracking.

A peer review into the policing at Balcombe confirmed serious flaws in the Sussex police's approach. The BBC noted the criticisms, and there was a mixed reaction by the local press. According to the BBC the report authors called for a review of prosecution strategies in order to avoid unnecessary arrests. A pity this message has not yet reached the desolate north.

The summer silly season started with the accusation that Russia is supporting European anti-fracking groups. This ludicrous charge could be laughed off if it didn't come from Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s Secretary General.

A new study from Pennsylvania reported a host of leaky wells.


The $3 million jury dollar award to a Texas victim of fracking was confirmed by a judge but an appeal was expected..

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

Energy generation in Wales: Shale Gas

Unison urges home energy checks to reduce need for fracking

New action group formed against fracking proposals

New gas sources are 'vital' but fracking should not go ahead at the expense of Wales' environment, MPs warn

Energy: Unison Launches Scheme To Save Families £600 A Year And Prevent Need For Fracking


Balcombe anti-fracking protest - Sussex Police review

Balcombe fracking protest police 'were caught off guard'

Police criticised for handling of fracking protests

Fate of $3 million fracking damage award for Texas couple in judge's hands

Evidence of contamination at Barton Moss fracking site to be presented in court.


Vladimir Putin 'secretly working alongside green groups to fight fracking' according to Nato

Thousands of fracking wells in Pennsylvania 'may be leaking methane'

Judge upholds jury verdict for family in Texas fracking case

Thousands of fracking wells in Pennsylvania 'may be leaking methane'

Revealed: How police tried to cover-up spying operation on fracking protesters

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