Week Ending 24th November 2013

Shale oil coming in the south.

The face of fracking

UK news highlights

Monday opened with a letter from a professor at the University of Stirling criticising the recent PHE fracking health report. Low risk does not mean safe was the main message, a message that needs to be constantly repeated if the UK is to suffer up to 100,000 fracked wells. Professor Andrew Watterson also attacked the government for claiming a "robust" regulatory regime, and the report for ignoring the risk to public health caused by climate change.

Louise Goldsmith, leader of West Sussex County Council, scored a media win after she met representatives of Sussex anti-frackers and picked up all the headlines. A spokesperson for protectors was reported as saying "productive meetings" had taken place and there was an amicable agreement to leave the temporary camp outside the council offices. True or not, this did not stop the council's bailiffs moving in to evict the remaining Balcombe camp members.

Meanwhile in the north, the Barton Moss camp is now a reality.

The pro-fracking campaign advances with CPRE now reportedly moving towards acceptance of fracking.

The BBC aired FoE's opinion that IGas are in breach of planning permission by drilling for shale gas when their permission only covers CBM. The legality of the Environment Agency's grant of a mining waste permit in these circumstances is possibly unlawful.


In the US pro-frackers are publicising the use of saline water from groundwater sources, realising overuse of fresh water is a strong objection to their case.

In Victoria, Australia, a moratorium on fracking seems to hold until 2015.

New US six-state study finds jobs impact of shale drilling exaggerated by industry and supporters

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Alan Tootill

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