Week Ending 25th August 2013

Cuadrilla roll out high fencing with coiled barbed wire. In my opinion this is in breach of their planning permission and enforcement action should be taken immediately to remove this.

The sweet side of the police in Balcombe. Not.

The week at Balcombe.

Monday's promised first day of action showed activists besieging Cuadrilla's Lichfield offices, Bell Pottinger's London officers, as well as maintaining presence at Balcombe. Police at Balcombe reacted more in fear than reasonable response by employing kettling tactics.

Caroline Lucas MP was among about 30 arrested at Balcombe. The arrestees included a 15 year old girl. Police action drew more complaints of unnecessary force by unnumbered and unidentifiable officers.

On Day 2 of action police started evicting people from the second camp.

As the No Dash For Gas protest event came towards its end, Greenpeace announced it would launch a new campaign, following the success of the Balcombe protests.

The Mail continued its disgraceful efforts to tarnish antifrackers through personal attacks, and the Telegraph after its panic attack over the last week tried to brush off Balcombe as annoying but effective. The Tory bloggers, not having anything sensible to say pro-fracking, attacked the police for failure and letting the side down.

The police scaled down its operation in the hope that the protest was cooling. But - meanwhile from other parts of the country more groups were preparing banners and organising weekends at Balcombe.

The Mid Sussex Labour Party circulated a leaflet in Balcombe supporting the protest and expressing concerns about fracking. A pity their national party does not come out as anti-fracking.

A big concern emerged this week. West Sussex County Council admitted that following police pressure and warnings about possible "direct action" at Balcombe, they gave - verbally and with no documentation or details from Cuadrilla - permission for the company to erect a high security fence topped with razorwire. This is NOT what Cuadrilla had planning permission for. The police extered undue influence on the Council because they themselves had lost the battle against the protestors, and wanted razorwire to protect Cuadrilla rather than a thin (or thick - I'd go with the thick - blue line.

This is an unwarranted intrusion by the police into planning matters. It was also remiss of WSCC, who broke, it seems, their commitment they gave earlier to seek wider views from council members and local parish council, before giving their agreement to permission changes. This undermines democracy and the planning process.

A 29 year-old woman arrested in Birmingham was charged with causing 4 (FOUR) pounds worth of damage (along with 5 other protestors - 67PENCE EACH) at the offices of Bell Pottinger, and spent 26 (TWENTY SIX!) hours in custody before being released on bail. A Balcombe resident described his discoloured water and police failure to act on what he described as an attempt by a mobile-wielding truck driver to run down his son.

Press reports said the policing costs at Balcombe could rise to nearly £4 million. (Hmm apropos of nothing much that would cover the community benefit 40 exploratory shale wells. I hazard a guess that when fracking exploration and protest starts in earnest £4 million will seem a drop in the ocean.

Other UK news

The "news" story of the week that kept running was the myth that fracking has been used in the UK for 50 years. This is totally misleading pro-fracking propaganda - anyone who has looked at fracking realises that the type of fracking for shale gas and the number of wells needed to drain unconventional gas reservoirs makes the process and the risks involved totally different from what has happened in the UK before.

Blackpool experienced two earthquakes with epicentres a short way off the coast, which will reopn, no doubt, debate about fracking and seismology. Such quakes only happen 2 or 3 times a year, supposedly. After another one in May the UK has had its share for the year, thank you BGS.

From Wales came the news that Eden Energy's attempt to sell off its South Wales licences to Shale Energy PLC, which planned to list on the London Stock Exchange. Cowboy Coastal Oil and Gas director Gerwyn Williams remained "confident" he'd still make a packet somehow.


Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

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