Week Ending 26th January 2014

UK news highlights

The week started with a press release from the Local Government Association, which whilst saying last week's announcements were a step in the right direction, the details of the offer to local councils were unclear. And 1% of gross revenues was not enough, the LGA wanted 5 or 10%.

The wider response to the new bribe offer was, as expected, mixed.

Cameron's attack on the population at large focussed again on anti- frackers, calling them irrational, and talked again about splitting communities by favouring individual payments to families. He has, of course, no idea how the payments could be distributed, a sure sign of an on-the-hoof ill-considered policy. Cameron is more woolly-headed than a mammoth, it is clear, and the sooner his ideas are extinct the better. The bribes extension down to individual level open up the whole question - if fracking is so good, why will local families be hard-hit enough to justify compensation? The charge of irrationality was based on anti-fracking climate change arguments. They were accused of not wanting "safe" shale gas from our country rather than paying a high price for imported gas. The idea of reducing energy requirements or moving to low-carbon alternatives had not (rather irrationally) occurred to him. Indeed, Cameron again refused to consider a 2030 decarbonisation target.

More news filtered in about how Cameron and his cronies had scuppered the EU bid for tighter fracking regulation.

Meanwhile the Telegraph reported a poll saying 47% of people opposed fracking within 10 miles of their homes, whilst only 14% were in favour.

From within the industry BP warned that fracking would only have a limited effect in Europe.

BP says Europe should stay cool over shale gas fracking

Nearly half of public 'oppose fracking within 10 miles of their home'

Waltham Forest Council rejects fracking offer

Campaigners anger over Cameron's carrot

Anti-fracking groups in Salford protest

Council fracking bribe

Two arrested for "death threats"

Mirror maps out the 60% of the country for fracking

Fracking fluids to blame for rail car explosions?

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