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Latest Digest Week Ending 28th September 2014

The trespass consultation response
- this chart omits another 36,000 against the plan to change the law.

UK news highlights

The main stories

Fylde Borough Council on Monday agreed to refuse the application for seismic monitoring at Roseacre (after agreeing a similar application last week). The chairman refused to revisit the earlier decision to make consistency, sadly, despite legal advice it was within his power. Maybe the council has caught on to th fact that the majority of the detectors are to help with Cuadrilla's fracking, NOT to monitor for seismic events, for safety. Whatever the reason for the decision, this conflict of decision now makes the council look incompetent.

The main news of the week came with the announcement that the government was to press ahead with its plan to legalise fracking under your land without your consent. This is a discraceful response to a public consultation which saw 99% of respondees against the plan. Clearly the government has no mandate for chaning the law, and no mandate for fracking. It is now very much open to challenge under international law if it proceeds with its insane plan to frack the UK against the people's will. The CLA was particularly vocal in expressing disatisfaction with the government decision.

Other news

Ineos boss Jim Radcliffe promised to deliver a package of benefits for madowners and local communities. The plan was widely seen as signs of more desperation, more bribery.


Yet another new report came in of a study finding fracking wastewater was still too toxic, even after treatment.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

Who picks up the pieces if fracking causes damage? asks CLA

Study Finds Treated Fracking Wastewater Still Too Toxic

British firm Ineos accused of ‘bribes and bulldozers’ approach to fracking

Fracking under homes: 99 per cent opposed to law change

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