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Week Ending 29th June 2014

Frack Free Lancashire launches in Blackpool 21st June

Over 1000 objections to Cuadrilla's plans gathered at FFL launch

UK news highlights

The main stories -

New radioactivity report fundamentally flawed A new study from Durham confirms what we know - fracking waste contains radiation, but says it will "increase water radioactivity but not pose a threat to public health" according to the first media report.

A brief look at the report shows it is seriously flawed. It considers a maximum of 25 wells drilled and fracked over the next year (it calls this a very top estimate - in that at least we hope they are right!), and then extends that over twenty years, calling this number of wells an "extremely high level". Clearly 500 wells would be a drop in the ocean compared with the frackers' ambition for - estimates vary - between 40,000 and 120,000 wells. The figures are ludicrously wrong. The conclusion is rendered hopelessly invalid.

"This study shows that shale gas exploitation will result in increased flux of radioactive elements to controlled waters including to surface water bodies. However, it is clear that fluxes are within range of those that might be experienced elsewhere in the world from use of natural groundwaters; lower than other discharges even from the non-nuclear sector; and lower than those from other energy production including both conventional offshore oil and gas production."

A further complaint is that the study totally ignores the NORM content of drilling cuttings and muds which are destined for our landfill sites.

Other news

As expected, Cuadrilla's planning application for Roseacre is now open for consultation - see here - ref LCC/2014/0101

Rathlin Energy ignores the fact that they have been running an unsafe and unsecure operation at Crawberry Hill and accuse protectors of "putting lives at risk".

The Community Protection Camp at Davyhulme is faced with eviction by strong-arm bailiffs.

The government has made bidding blocks for the 14th round of onshore licensing larger, again in order to help the industry and promote fracking.

The BMA was reported as divesting from fossil fuels and backing renewable resource development. However the CIEH expressed a cautious approval of fracking.

In Scotland new plans are going ahead to regulate fracking, including "buffer zones" around communities. It remains to be seen how this turns out in practice.

George Monbiot ranted against the new infrastructure bill (with justification), Mark Leftly complained about being denied access to information on meetings between Government and IGas, and activists occupied the South Downs NP HG.

Emerging figures show Britain has had best ever results from renewable power generation.

The Telegraph described Scotland's shale gas and oil prospects "no game changer", as the British Geological Survey waste their time surveying the area when they should be assessing shale gas geological risks in England.

Ahead of a new OFGEM review of the electricity industry the boss of Ecotricity called for a renationalisation of the industry.

Outgoing EA boss Lord Smith caused ripples in a number of directions. He accused Owen Patterson of denying human effect on climate change, Cameron's government is far from being the greenest ever, and current resources to regulate fracking are inadequate. Budget cuts have reduced the EA's power to stop illegal waste dumping. However, many would be unhappy with his go-ahead for fracking in national parks.


Cuadrilla Hungary has crashed to a $3.05m loss, thanks to a hit on the value of its Hungarian joint venture.

A Spanish constitutional court has stopped the Cantabrian government from banning fracking. The government says the war against fracking will continue.

There seems no end to the new reports coming in of health risks from the US. Will our government wake up? Flaring, compressors etc etc we don't want it, thank you Mr C.

Another day, another US fracking accident...

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own.
Alan Tootill

News As It Came In with links to original stories

Rathlin Energy UK Ltd: 'Fracking protestors putting lives at risk'

Oil and gas exploration blocks expanded to entice fracking firms

Durham University experts warn fracking could increase water radioactivity but not pose a threat to public health

The report

We have lost a battle but the war against fracking continues

British Medical Association votes to divest from fossil fuels

Cuadrilla needs deeper pockets for Hungarian fracking venture

Cumbernauld MSP welcomes new fracking regulations

Air Pollution Spikes In Homes Near Fracking Wells

CIEH welcomes PHE’s report on health impact of ‘fracking’

Anti-fracking activists occupy entrance to South Downs National Park Authority building

Mark Leftly: Government information on the future of fracking is buried far too deep

The UK is making it a legal duty to maximise greenhouse gas emissions

UK switches on to green power

"Give power back to the people": Energy firm boss calls for industry to be renationalised

Lord Smith: flooding budget cuts put UK at the mercy of extreme weather

Allow fracking in national parks, says EA chief

Residents team up to fight fracking

Most Barton Moss protesters cleared after anti-fracking arrests

Davyhulme anti-fracking protesters bracing themselves for eviction

Scottish shale gas and oil 'no game-changer'


Crews Battle Fire at Natural Gas Well Pad

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