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Week Ending 30th June 2013

UK News

French company Total was reported as being the next energy giant to become involved in UK shale gas, seeking to buy in on existing licences as well as being impatient for next year's new licencing round.

The main news of the week, a rather undigestible triple-decker sandwich.

The long-awaited BGS report finally came out with a "new" estimate of 1,300 trillion cu ft of gas in the Bowland shale. The press were falling over themselves to suggest this could provide 40 years of UK gas supply.

There are several reasons why this is unlikely to be the case. Firstly the working figure in the reports for how much of this gas is extractable is 10%. In reality the US experience is that the real figure is likely to between 6 and 7%.
And how much of the Bowland shale is accessible? Drilling a few wells isn't going to get the gas to migrate. They will only be able to drill in maybe half the area. Unless they are going to drill in Preston, Manchester, etc etc centre. Let's say they can access 50% of the area. That makes only half of the resource available, 650 tcf. at 7% extraction rate they may, just may, be able to recover around 45 tcf. That is only 15 years of UK gas use, not 40.
And how many wells would that take? Industry figures for estimated recovery total gas per well are unreliable. Independent estimates have put it as low as 1 bcf (a mere billion cubic feet) recovered during the life of a well. 50% recovered in the first five years, and the other half dribbling in maybe over another 20 or 25 years. The implication is that even to extract 45t cubic feet it might take 45,000 wells! Looking at things this way shows how ludicrous the whole shale gas project is.

The second major news emerging on Thursday was the announcement of the community incentives or bribes to accept fracking. This was priced at 100,000 per exploratory well, and 1% of profits.The onus appears to be on the operators to manage this. No wonder at Balcombe and at Banks Cuadrilla are now swearing blind that their testing will not involve fracking, although it obviously does.

Thirdly, the EA announced they will be streamlining the application process for waste permits. By September they hoped to turn round applications within six weeks. And by February next year within 1 to 2 weeks. The message is clear. Public consultation will disappear.

The week ended on Sunday with an incredible outburst of cynical smear. The Mail threw as much mud as it could at FoE, putting false statements in their mouths and accusing them of dirty tricks, when what FoE have been doing is trying to get the EA and companies to comply with existing regulation. Add to this a pile of lies and misleading statements about fracking and I shall be surprised if we don't see some serious complaints to the press council about this.


On Monday, a new report by Duke University was trailed. This again links fracking with methane and other gas contamination of drinking water, with more data and testing than their earlier studies. The report is found to face fierce criticism from the industry. However the report, like its predecessor, found no fracking fluid contamination and suggested well failure as the likely cause rather than the fracking process itself.
Also in the US President Obama gave a disappointing endorsement of fracking in his Climate Action Plan, praising gas as a transition fuel.

Any opinions here not quotes from the week's news reports are my own. Alan Tootill

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Dart claims to abandon fracking, no relenting on CBM

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