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Preston New Road Appeal Data - Monitoring Application

Please help PNR Action Group fight Cuadrilla's appeal against the fracking application by donating what you can.

31st August 2015

Lancashire County Council have posted details of Cuadrilla's appeal to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the Preston New Road monitoring arrays. Links are below. The Planning Portal is also now open to representations.

The application is for monitoring works in a 4km radius of the proposed Preston New Road exploration site, comprising the construction, operation and restoration of two seismic monitoring arrays comprising 80 buried seismic monitoring stations and 10 surface seismic monitoring stations. The seismic monitoring stations will comprise underground installation of seismic sensors, enclosed equipment and fenced enclosures. The surface array will also comprise monitoring cabinets. The application is also for the drilling of three boreholes, each installed with two monitoring wells, to monitor groundwater and ground gas, including fencing, at the perimeter of the Preston New Road exploration site.

Lancashire County Council refused this application on June 29. The grounds for refusal were essentially industrialisation of the countryside. Cuadrilla are appealing the decision, also contesting suggested conditions designed to protect wintering birds at many of the sites.

The main application for fracking four wells was also refused, on noise and landscape grounds. Cuadrilla have announced their intention to appeal and it is our belief that they have actually lodged the appeal with the Inspectorate, but this has not yet been validated.

Planning appeal links to find the application data on LCC's web site.

Go to Attachments page 9 for appeal documents download - appellant covering letter, appeal forms and statement of case

For ease of reference, current downloads regarding the appeal are here -

Covering Letter
Appeal Form
Statement of Case

The full details of the original application can be found by browing through the LCC site.

The appeal case can be found on the Planning Portal Here

No documents have as yet been posted on the planning portal site.
Statements from interested parties are due 17th September.
They can be made by following the link "Make Representation"

Please help PNR Action Group fight Cuadrilla's appeal against the fracking application by donating what you can.