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UKOOG Issue Another Misleading Report

Radon and Fracking - Lancashire Left At Risk

We recommend a visit to the excellent Drill Or Drop for an excellent fracking journalism site with regular news updates and archive.

Rather than duplicate the thorough work there, we will post more occasional updates focussed on related matters and international fracking issues.

Week beginning 27 March 2017

Maryland fracking bill passes senate, now set to become 3rd US state with ban

Maryland Senate gives final approval to fracking ban

Sligo resists calls to change its mind and votes again - no fracking!

Sligo to retain ban on fracking in county development plan

Week beginning 20 March 2017

Brexit will hit plans for electricity storage and renewables.

Battery prices could soar post-Brexit

Week beginning 13 March 2017

Centrica urges the government to drop its EU mandated carbon reduction and renewable energy targets

“Little benefit” in keeping targets after Brexit says energy firm.

Low-carbon subsidies have not led to higher bills

Extra costs from low-carbon generation more than offset by savings from energy efficiency, says Committee on Climate Change.

The Trump administration is rolling back an Obama administration rule requiring companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, orders the EPA to consider repealing Obama’s Clean Water Rule.

Trump to repeal fracking rule

Maryland House of Delegates veto-proof vote for fracking ban

Maryland House overwhelmingly approves fracking ban

Maryland Republican Governor states he supports ban

Hogan announces support for fracking ban in Maryland

Week beginning 1 March 2017

Brexit means no Euratom deal - if we're out we're out

Hopes fade for alternative nuclear co-operation framework after committee hearing

CBI says new mindset needed for strategy to meet fifth carbon budget

Utility Week report

The government has been set an end of the month deadline to publish its long-delayed emissions reduction plan

Utility Week report

US EPA ditches plan to monitor methane

EPA halts inquiry into oil and gas industry emissions of methane

More on this story of how Trump is emasculating the EPA

Scientific American

Victoria succeeds in the bid to ban fracking

Victoria Becomes First State To Ban Fracking
It has been called a 'win for regional Victoria'.

Decisions on carbon pricing likely to get caught up in Article 50 "fiasco". UK likely to exit ETS and the government’s recent track record suggests a move away from emissions trading altogether.

‘Difficult to see’ UK remaining in EU ETS

New moves in EU as we plan to exit

Reform of EU carbon trading scheme agreed

Maritime emissions need tackling

EU ETS threat to shipping is ‘wake-up call’, says EU climate boss Delbeke

February 2017

Week beginning 20 Feb 2017

A new Duke University study found each year, 2 to 16 percent of hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells spill hydrocarbons, chemical-laden water, hydraulic fracturing fluids and other substances, according to a new study. The analysis identified 6,648 spills reported across just four US states during a 10-year period. That's 12 spills a week.

Half the spills were from pipes and handling fluids, rather than fracking itself. The greatest danger was in the first three years of a well's life.

Science Daily report

Scottish government moves to help some small renewables businesses which were threatened with 650% hike in business rates.

Utility Week - Business rates cap averts renewables disaster in Scotland

BBC report

Wall Street balked after two large players in the fracking industry, Chesapeake Energy and Apache, reported disappointing quarterly earnings before trading Thursday, causing shares of the companies to plummet.

These Two Fracking Giants Are Getting Clobbered By Investors

Tory MP attacks "arrogance" of onshore renewables companies

Utility Week report from Renewables UK conference

Woody biomass dirtier than gas and even coal, Chatham House report claims

Chatham House

Early March start for Centrica to build new Cumbria battery storage facility

Centrica Press Info

Government to prioritise growth and economics over emissions reduction in its rebranded new strategy (to come... sometime).

Utility Week reports Tory MP's leak from Renewables UK conference

Week beginning 13 Feb 2017

Small Scottish renewables businesses are being crippled by soaring business rates. Business rates for small scale hydro, solar and wind projects in Scotland have soared by as much as 650 per cent.This could have knock on impacts on ambitious renewable energy targets north of the border, trade body Scottish Renewables has warned.

Scottish renewables new report

UK’s nuclear security of supply imperiled. Brexit and withdrawal from Euratom could mean the UK running out of nuclear fuel. It was revealed in January that the UK will leave Euratom as it exists the EU. However, membership of Euratom is necessary for the legal trade of nuclear fuels. Ed Davey and Barry Gardner both warn on incompatibility of Brexit with the government's nuclear plans.

United Utilities report

Germany imposes a partial ban on fracking by defining "unconventional" and "conventional fracking, and only allowing four test wells for "scientific" purposes.

Deutsche Welle report

107 MPs call for support for tidal lagoons. Charles Hendry says developing a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay could start a “new global industry” for the price of a pint of milk per household per year.

BT report

Wales Online

Toshiba says it would "consider participating in the Moorside project without taking on any risk from carrying out actual construction work". Moorside risks being derailed, or at the minimum long delays.

Telegraph report

A warning of what might be to come with the INEOS plans to frack for their plastics and chemical industry.

desmog report

For the first time from Pennsylvania comes official confirmation that fracking - and that's fracking itself, not waste water disposal - causes earthquakes. Of course we have knoewn that in the Fylde for six years, but good that U.S. official opinion now agrees.

Fracking caused Pa. earthquakes, state regulators say - CBS

Pa. link between fracking, earthquakes - A.P.

Fracking The UK

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