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Special Reports

UKOOG Issue Another Misleading Report

Radon and Fracking - Lancashire Left At Risk

Why megapads are a pipe dream

Ban fracking - the health risks are too great

Appeal Info - Full Draft Timetable

Appeal Info - Monitoring Arrays

More Figure Fun from Refracktion

A Big Setback for Fracking?

DECC Licences and More Fracking Figure Fun

The False Reasoning Behind the Fast Fracking Madness

Fracking - The Kiss of Death?

Preston New Road Community Group Slams New Task Force Report

Presentations to LCC 18 June regarding Preston New Road planning application

Dr Ashley Bowes advice to LCC on behalf of Preston New Road Action Group

PEDL165 - 100 wellpads too many

Why UKOOG have got it all wrong on regulation

Waste water injection now an official policy?

A fatally-flawed study.

PH1 - Has it leaked?

FBC recommended to object to applications

243 confirmed cases of water contamination in Pennsylvania

Rural Impact of Shale - DEFRA

Injection Wells Coming For Shale?

Threlfall's head must also roll

Fiddler must go.

Cuadrilla's disgraceful history.

The Weald Basin Report - Onshore Fracking's Swan Song.

The Government's False Promises on Shale Gas and Climate Change

Brace Yourself for the Shale Oil Invasion

4000 holes in Blackpool Lancashire - the pollution prospects in PEDL165

Are We Fit To Frack?

The Russian Scare.

Balcombe trial ends in not guilty verdicts.

Government misleads on abandonment.

Professor Smythe evidence to the Lords

Professor Davies evidence to the Lords

New special digest - Shale oil coming in the south

Regulation and The Royals Report

Regulation and The Royals Report part two

Regulation and The Royals Report part three

Regulation and The Royals Report part four

Regulation and The Royals Report part five

What IS Fracking?

NORM and fracking

Cuadrilla - a brief history of transgression

Cuadrilla breaches noise conditions, forced to stop drilling

Cuadrilla forced to withdraw planning applications

Government planning to undermine centuries-old landowner rights.

New earthquakes off Blackpool

Are Cuadrilla fracking Balcombe?

DECC Q&A Report - Fallon's Fallacies

Could this kill off UK fracking?

WSCC displays gross negligence

The "2 Million Safe Fracks" myth, July 2013

New Planning Guidance on Shale Gas, July 2013

BGS- New Bowland Shale Estimates June 2013

Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Change
The Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets - Energy and Climate Change April 2013

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