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The Russian Scare.

We are often told by the pro-gas people that we are dependent on Russia for our gas and are therefore in a precarious position. How true is this?

It warrants a look at DECC statistics.

In 2012 imports of gas accounted for 47% of supply. The majority of the imported gas, 55%, came from Norway.
Imports of LNG, from a variety of sources, eg Qatar, Australia, Algeria, and also USA, from where we expect to import significantly more in the near future accounted for a further 28% of imports.
The remainder came from Europe via the Netherlands and Belgium. 17% of imports.

If we assume that a quarter of the European supply comes from Russia, "Russian gas" imports therefore account for around 4% of our gas imports, and around 2% of our gas demand.

This is hardly a proportion making us as dependent on Russian gas as the energy security scaremongers would have us believe. Add to this the fact that in 2012 we exported gas to continental Europe and to Ireland an amount equal to 24% of our imports and MORE THAN our imports from Europe, and it becomes very hard to see how we are in any way dependent on Russian gas. The claim that we are in thrall to Russia is scaremongering.


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